HEC meets CAS - Spring beat 2017

I have long felt that there is a strong tendency in todays Graffiti and Street art scene of preferring to work alone and focusing on your own career. As a reaction to this I decided to initiate a project that celebrated and promoted the Collective! During the Spring Beat 2017, Scandinavia’s largest graffiti festival organized by Snösätra kultur for the third time, Grymt brought together two crews to cooperate on a big mural painting. The French crew HEC (Haut En Couleurs) were invited to work with CAS crew (SWE). The result was an intercultural meeting of fourteen artists. During the three days the festival took place, we carried out many good ideas and experienced many unexpected moments. Being the intermediate between the 2 groups I was happy for being part of the great cooperation and the fun times we shared. Thank you all for participating! Big thanks also going out to Caroline Jensen for the excellent photos! A special thanks to Gustav Ulvbäck and Rickard Eriksson-Windgårdh for the Video and Zcäpe for your excellent work!