Alex Rodallec & Nabil Dorbane
Wall paintings, soundwork

Alex Rodallec and Nabil Dorbane meet in the collaboration Double Culture (2017) featuring poetry and illustrations, text and sounds where a variety of languages and voices portray the experience of what is popularly called the “suburb” in both Sweden and France. ”What is the feeling of the suburb? A phenomenon easily recognized regardless of whether it is in France or Sweden. Areas that are largely populated by a working and lower class with a migration background. What are the pictures stuck with many of us who grew up in these places? What are the sounds and languages? The sorrow and joy? What is it that we carry within of being in between places, on borders? What are the feelings that colour our memories?” Alex Rodallec is a poet, translator and editor at Kultwatch and the cultural magazine DIN. Nabil Dorbane is an artist, graphic designer and graffiti writer.

THIRD PLACE Accessing Utopia, out of the body, Double Culture - 18 November 2017 / 18 february 2018 in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba.

The exhibition Third Space spans across place, politics and poetry bringing together works that relate to a social progress in that is currently transforming. It takes its point of departure from our globalised and segregated societies – where young voices tell of their experiences of being “in-between”, where cultures and languages meet and where new ones are formed. This is the context in which a conflicting and shifting condition of being both on the ‘inside’ as well as on the ‘outside’ exists. We treat the Third Space as a space of negotiating the imaginary – creating a continuous flow towards what has not yet become.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/139488723363822/



ORGANISATION Holem - Anne Gaëlle
CLIENT satansdemokrati
CATEGORY Installation


HEC MEETS CAS - SPRING BEAT - 05/2017 - Live painting & art direction

I have long felt that there is a strong tendency in todays Graffiti and Street art scene of preferring to work alone and focusing on your own career. As a reaction to this I decided to initiate a project that celebrated and promoted the Collective! During the Spring Beat 2017, Scandinavia’s largest graffiti festival organized by Snösätra kultur for the third time, Grymt brought together two crews to cooperate on a big mural painting. The French crew HEC (Haut En Couleurs) were invited to work with CAS crew (SWE). The result was an intercultural meeting of fourteen artists. During the three days the festival took place, we carried out many good ideas and experienced many unexpected moments. Being the intermediate between the 2 groups I was happy for being part of the great cooperation and the fun times we shared. Thank you all for participating! Big thanks also going out to Caroline Jensen for the excellent photos! A special thanks to Gustav Ulvbäck and Rickard Eriksson-Windgårdh for the Video and Zcäpe for your excellent work! 



CLIENT French School of Stockholm / ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / DATE 2017 / CATEGORY live painting & art direction

Collaboration with the French school´s organization FSE (Foyer Socio-Educative), that organize different activities for the students in fields like theatre, photo, music and now also graffiti. During the year I have worked with 3 students from the school. Firstly they were introduced to graffiti on paper – how to work with their ideas, technic and drawing on the medium. Subsequently we were happy to hear that the director of the school had decided to give us a whole wall to paint on the schoolyard. This rare opportunity gave me the idea of bringing different artists to work in close collaboration with the kids. The students and artists all contributed with ideas to the wall. The result is a mix of different colors, forms and characters that create a flowing motion over the surface of the wall. Part of the challenge was to adapt the work to it´s surroundings. Colors and forms of the playground are therefore mirrored on the wall. The images are playful yet simple to also suit the public character of the space. The playground is shared by Essingen skolan, French school and it´s fritids St-Louis. The artists helping me with this project have quite different styles. R.ikard is doing abstract forms outside the classical codes of graffiti, while Kid kash works with much more classic old school style and graphics.

Swet 2.jpg



 ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / DATE March 25 2017 / CATEGORY Exhibition

Grymt presented the great artist Swet for his solo exhibition and live painting in stockholm. Here some glimpses from his vernissage that was immortalized once again by our talented photographer Pierre Vincensini VERNISSAGE - SATURDAY 25 MARCH 2017 at 6pm, Upplandsgatan 57, Stockholm. Facebook event page: SWET "SUGARHILL"



ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / DATE May 29 2016 / CATEGORY art direction & Collective Exhibition

Cancel your picnic plans for this weekend - it looks as if it´s gonna be a rainy one… But don´t worry we have the solution for you: Welcome to the Opening of Grymt´s unique exhibition Bläckout at Galleri Korn on Saturday 18:00-22:00! 10 artists will be presented with original works in black and white. This event will unite the creativity of a group of artists & professionals in their various fields - Graphic Designers, Graffiti Artists and Illustrators for a unique exhibition of original artworks in Black & White. ● Ten artists created original artworks in Black & White, especially for this show! ● Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/478417822282913/ ● Photos by Pierre Vincensini



ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / CATEGORY Meeting on the theme of Graffiti and Street-art



ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / DATE November 14 2015 / CATEGORY Collective Exhibition, live painting & art direction

After a successful first edition in March 2015, Grymt Creative Agency was back with a new adventurous French street art collaboration in Stockholm! French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery #2 took place at Korn Gallery in Hornstull during the 14-19 November 2015. This exhibition promoted a new vision of the graffiti scene in our capital. For the second edition the focus was on two prominent street artists from Paris, Zepha and Katre, who both strongly influence the French graffiti scene by their original and innovative productions. "French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery - Edition 2"  is organised by Grymt and initiated by the Swedish french institute. Thanks to Sebastian von Wachenfeldt (video), Meïko (musik), Franck, Isabelle, Eva and Congratulations to everyone who has worked (artists, partners, friends & visitors), to make this event the success that it is.



ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency & Atlasmuren / DATE March 11 2016 / CATEGORY Collective Exhibition,  live painting & art direction

Something took place under the St. Eriksbron in March 2016. The Project saw the first lights of night… We are now happy to present a video by talented Sebastian von Wachenfeldt giving us a glimpse of the event. This one is dedicated to all the people who support us and appreciate this kind of project. Things are starting to happen in our part of the world! The Project is a new platform for meetings and collaborations between different art, artists and their audience. Atlasmuren, under St Eriksbron, will be the concrete and austere stage for an array of unexpected events. The first show will unite prominent Swedish street artists, who are invited to produce new work for the event, taking place on Friday the 11th March. Photographer: Pierre Vincensini - Artists: Klister Peter, Gouge, Jeks, Arsauna, David Engzell, Pierre Vincensini - Talks: Tobias Barenthin Lindblad & Ruben Wätte - Music: Very Addictive. THE BOOK - We have documented this event with photos. Online here. Thanks to: Mandram, Paula Elgstrand, Pierre Vincensini, Sebastian von Wachenfeldt, Gustav Wiberg Artists Klister Peter, Gouge, Jeks, Arsauna, David Engzell, Pierre Vincensini, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Ruben Wätte, Very Addictive & Street Corner.




ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency & Styleholm / DATE March 19 2017 / CATEGORY Live painting

Sunday 19th march, 5 talented writers painted the open wall in Tantolunden (under Liljeholmsbron). This Event was part of the Hip-Hop Jam STYLEHOLM 2017. Thanks Highlights for their support!


CLIENT Nåt Bra / ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency / DATE 2014 / CATEGORY Art direction, Design, wall painting

Once upon a time Franck met Frida the owner of a very nice vintage shop based at Sickla Strand in Nacka. After a long talk about design, art and life they developed a strong friendship. Naturally they decided to collaborate on furniture. Frida find 3 pieces of furniture (industrial bench carpenters) and asked Grymt to paint on it. Since the furniture on wheels look like small wagons, Franck chose to paint the first one like the Parisian subway with a principal character pressed against the window, looking for the latest graffiti along the rail (like him when he was a kid). Nabil painted the other two; one with an illustration in black and white and the second one with a real colorful graffiti! These pieces are on sale at the shop.




ORGANISATION Grymt Creative agency & Konstart  / DATE March 26 2015 / CATEGORY Collective Exhibition,  live painting & art direction

From the 26th of march until the 3rd of April 2015, four of the most influential artists from the French graffiti scene intervened at Konstart gallery in artistic and informative ways. 

Sweden shows a growing interest for street art. Fashion, design or art trends have been deeply influenced by street artists from all over the world since the 90s’. The creative agency Grymt is organizing the new exhibition French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery to promote a renewed vision of the graffiti scene in Stockholm. This exhibition will present the work of four prominent French street artists coming from two of the most active graffiti area in France. Réso and Mondé from Toulouse, Scred and Ndek from Paris, each have dramatically influenced the French graffiti scene by their original and innovative productions. French Graffiti meets Swedish Gallery took place at Konstart in Stockholm on the 26th of March 2015. Konstart is an art gallery dedicated to contemporary urban art, promoting artists such as Snake1 and Bates. The exhibition included a series of lectures on the French graffiti art scene, together with live paintings and art video projections, and finally the presentation of large outdoor paintings on the snösätra wall in rågsved (Stockholm län). Visitors got a unique opportunity to explore the creative process and the philosophy behind street graffiti. They also discoved the different methods used to realize graffiti on mediums that can be as diverse as brick walls, canvas, glass, or films.


ORGANISATION Courts dans l’Herbe / DATE June 2007 / CATEGORY Live painting

The Courts dans l’Herbe festival is a multicultural outdoor event (gigs, exhibitions, theatre, street art, short films…) welcoming artists from all backgrounds. The festival has endlessly grown in the past years, going from 50 participants in June 2003 to more than 6,000 in June 2009. In 2007, the theme was “the jungle” : green landscapes and African wilderness. Feat. Native/Rico/Alzo/Ndek/Warsh/Screz/Tonio. Photo credit: Yannick Leider Chesneau